Your Next Record - Single

by Trochee Trochee

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First single from the upcoming full-length digital/cassette release "Vigil on Swan".

Written and Performed by Trochee Trochee.
Trochee Trochee is Alex, Jack, Taylor, & George.
Cover photograph by Sean Whalen.


released June 2, 2017

"Your Next Record":
Produced by Keith Lauria for Meal Plan Records.
Additional engineering by TJ Porta.
Recorded on 8-track cassette at The Beak in Beacon, NY.
Mixed and mastered by Eric Castillo at Nada Studios.

"Your Parking Structure":
Produced by Jack Dougherty for Ghostie Recordings.
Recorded on 4-track cassette at Ghostie in the Corner in Brooklyn.
Mixed to cassette by Alex Whelan.
Mastered by Eric Castillo at Nada Studios.



all rights reserved


Trochee Trochee Brooklyn, New York

Try harder, Trochee.


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Track Name: Your Next Record
We were young, we were dumb, no one's contesting that.
On a play set off of Rosemont, a few things happened several times.
Smoking cigarettes our teacher bought us before she got caught.
Still don't know who talked, but she never taught in Tucson after that.
There were two swing sets: one for children, one for smaller children.
That was the joke you made. Six months later, we were taking acid,
And you ask me why I'm laughing. This is memory, this is memory.
That's another story. By that time, I wasn't living
On Calle Vista de Colores.
I guess we were each other's first time a few times.
Pretty weird to see you here in New York with your new band.
I brought my girlfriend, you guys always got along.
We were young, we were dumb, we were never in love, we both knew that, but I still felt bad because every time I used to see you,
Something would happen that we wouldn't plan to.
Something would happen that we wouldn't mean to,
Like trying acid for the first time on your bed,
Or that party at Arthur's house, but I don't talk about that.
I'm not trying to cosplay glory days,
Because now we're friends!
I don't know why when I thought about my house
On Calle Vista de Colores,
The first thing that I thought about was you,
And how I cannot wait to hear
Your next record.
Track Name: Your Parking Structure
We used to be able to see
The gust, the glide, the red neon lights:
The Hotel Congress sign.
You showed me before you joined the Navy.
And I'd still come back,
But we never planned
On downtown getting its shit together.
(It still took forever).
I was looking for God, but then I stopped.
I was looking for my ticket out,
Then they kicked us out.
The siren lights etched your eyes into the Catalinas:
One more night on
Your parking structure.